Our Story

About us

Our passion has allowed us to create unique pieces
that enhance every silhouette. We love women and all
the things they do.

FASHION HAS ALWAYS BEEN an interest for me that touched me since I was a child…the making of a unique fabric of clothing reflecting a culture, a style or even an aspect of a personality…”

“We [have] officially won the ecodirective certificate.”

Catching up to today creating, with lots of love and dreams, collections inspired through travels and colors…through memories existing on my mind expressing freedom, love, life, glory and THE WOMAN who is worth living every moment of her life or even her own life as she has dreamt about…

Through my brand, I have used ecofriendly fabrics concerning certain collections for which we officially won the ecodirective certificate.


My dream is a better world where love, respect and people’s freedom are dominant.

Glow with us!